Friday, March 23, 2012

finishing School ( 17/18 march 2012)

salam semua
this was supposed to be last week entry but i don't have too much time to write about it..So,what we've done for the last weekend is.......going for finishing was awesome and we gain a lot of experience....We've been exposed to the resume and writing skills.How to dress well for an interview.We also have to arrange an interview session to get to know how to handle the situation when we've sit for an interview...Actually,this was the 2nd time i'm having an interview session..before this, I already did this finishing school before graduated from UPM Bintulu Campus..

So,it was worth it..we have nice and funny fasilitator..DR.Sutarji Kasmin...from environment Science faculty. He tried so hard to make all the session meaningful and make sure we gain some information from his experience..he also give us present when we all end the session. I having so much fun and i hope all of my friends felt the same way...

our group also have been divided and we must mix it with another student from different faculty..

  1. Veterinary medicine
  2. medicine
  3. environnmental science
  4. Economic
  5. Agriculture science 
i have gain so much knowledge and information from this session..i hope that i'll be ready for an interview next..I also have new friends from the other faculty..

i'm wear baju kurung with paisley pashmina
name tag n the module
interview done =)
i'm ready......
thanks for everything and have time to read my blog.....
i like all of you......=)